Born in Germany and being originally from Kerala, India, yoga has always been a part of life for Julie since she was little, becoming a guiding concept of life beyond being solely an exercise form. The contrasting worlds of the east and west have allowed Julie to see the world with an open minded perspective and with a strong curiosity to see and learn about other cultures. She travelled the world and lived in several countries before moving to Salento, Italy where she is now based with her husband and son.

Following a career at Condé Nast in London where she launched brands such as Vogue, GQ and Glamour worldwide, she desired a new challenge and devoted herself to her passion of a healthy body and mind balance. After a lot of self-practice as a devoted yoga scholar, Julie trained with a vast variety of teachers in London, LA and in South India where she completed her teacher training.

Her sessions are an all-round yoga experience as taught in the traditional Indian yoga culture. This includes breathing exercises, a yoga asana work out and meditation.Styles vary according to student’s level, but each class is designed to energize the body and nurture a spiritual awareness. This contributes to increased fitness and health, finding inner peace through strength and ultimately enjoying this life.

Julie has taught yoga to everyone from corporate to mums, beginners to advanced and various age groups from 3 years to 90 years. Julie has also trained as a dance teacher and Ayurveda practitioner which both influence her style of teaching.

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Word on the Street

Julie’s asana practice combines the essentials, from breathing, to mindfulness and core body work. Her evening classes were always very relaxing and at the same time challenging ones flexibility. Her kind being and soothing voice lead you through the toughest asanas to make space for awareness. Thank you for a rewarding retreat and your inspiration!

Sabine, Berlin

Complete body and mind experience! As a beginner to yoga, I not only enjoyed every single session, but also became an enthusiastic yoga practitioner after my very first retreat. The place where the retreat took place was beautiful and peaceful, the meals healthy, and the teachers absolutely fantastic.

Sofia , Denmark

What a great yoga week, so much more than I had expected. The instructors were amazing and very helpful, the place was beautiful, and the organizers as well as the hosts went out of their way to fit the program with any of the students’ special requests. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and we got to meet such great people!

Lorenz, London

The classes taught by Julie focused on breathing techniques, deep stretches, mantras and self-reflection. It provided such a great balance to the mornings’ power yoga. The structure of the classes were very well thought out, I was always surprised how fast time flew by! Though at times demanding, the classes always left space for meditation, positive thoughts and finding inner peace and balance.

Per, Sweden

Julie Meo - Yoga Life - About
Julie Meo - Yoga Life - About