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Julie’s sessions are a mind-body yoga experience with focus on breathing techniques, alignment and core work with basic poses and creative sequencing. The Goal is to achieve a deeper connotation and awareness of body, mind and soul, whilst not forgetting one of the most profound concepts of life: enjoying the journey and having fun!

She provides useful tips for incorporating yoga into everyday life and benefits of regular practice include more strength, balance, and a peaceful mind.


Julie teaches bespoke one-to-one yoga sessions to meet the needs and goals of each individual student.

Individual classes allow the student to challenge themselves according to their level and deepen their practice and this achieve proficiency. Focus points could be for example fixing an injury, rejuvenation, relaxation, mental wellbeing, detoxing, losing weight or staying fit.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes and held at the comfort of your own home (London area) or in Julie’s studio (North London) as desired.

Julie teaches the following yoga styles:

  • Hatha Yoga – involves a series of asanas (postures), with focus on correct alignment and breathing. Poses are challenging in that they are held longer than in other styles.  Pranayama (breath exercises) and meditation are an integral part.
  • Vinyasa Flow  – flowing from one pose to the next , harmonising breath and movement.  Vinyasa can be either slow flow or dynamic flow. 
  • Weight loss yoga – similar to dynamic vinyasa flow with increased emphasis on cardio and fitness.
  • Yoga to fix an injury – specialised yoga and treatments for students with particular pains and injuries.
  • Pregnancy Yoga – cultivating strength, flexibility and breath awareness for mothers-to-be and new mothers. Poses are modified to suit the stage of pregnancy.
  • Relaxation / Yoga Nidra – A guided class of complete relaxation. Usually 30 minutes – 60 minutes long, the class consist of guidance through a ‘yogic-sleep’ which leads to complete relaxation while maintaining total awareness. Benefits of yoga nidra include improved concentration, improved mental clarity and release of muscle tension, stress and anxiety.
  • Corporate Yoga – For companies that offer yoga classes during lunch breaks, or as a workshop to boost health and morale. Classes can be tailored to the company and can include chair yoga, and strategies for stress management through meditation and pranayama. Benefits of corporate yoga include improved memory, increased productivity, improved health and overall job satisfaction.

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